Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stunning Blue Fractals

Cyanosis - Fractal Art made in Apophysis using the Plastic technique.  Choosing the right colours becomes one of the most time consuming parts of creating fractals that really stand out because the colours can dramatically change the way a fractal looks and the depth that is created within the design.

Cyanosis is now available as posters. prints and mousepads at:

Fan Dance - Fractal Art made in Apophysis using the Oily technique.  Again, choosing the right colours makes a big difference to how the fractal will look in the end.  Using the Oily technique throws up its own challenges when you have what's called "hot spots" in the design, these can ruin a very good design. I find that making the transform invisible is a good way to minimise the effect.

Fan Dance is now available as posters and prints from:

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